Swanson Holy Basil Review

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Swanson Holy Basil Review - For Improved Overall Health
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Reviewed here is a product called Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract. Holy basil is endemic to India, where it is revered for its host of health benefits. In fact, Holy basil is sacred to the Hindu religion and highly prized in the Ayurvedic tradition. In Ayurveda, yogis and sages prepare for meditation with a tonic of Holy basil, which brings calm and blissfulness. It is also used traditionally as a heart tonic. Listed among the benefits of Holy basil are: protection from stress (physical and chemical), a reset of balance in neurotransmitters, a boosting of all-day energy, and natural inhibition of COX-2, resulting in more comfortable joints and muscles.

With the goal of learning more about the product and informing your product selection process, independent research was conducted on Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract. It is important to help put this product in context of the vast array of herbal supplements available, many of which are sold by companies more interested in profit than their product’s effectiveness. Please read the results below discover if Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract is appropriate for you and your needs.


Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract is a proprietary mix:

  • 800 mg. of Holy basil (Latin: Ocimum sanctum), which includes ursolic acid
  • Gelatin
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Rice flour
  • May contain magnesium stearate and/or silica

It is important to note that this product is not considered a medication, but rather a health supplement.


Adult users are instructed to consume 2 capsules once a day, between meals. The manufacturer has not listed any side effects, but instructs users to contact their doctor if they experience any reactions—allergic or otherwise—to the product. Consumers should not ingest this product if pregnant or nursing.


60 capsules of Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract sell for $5.39 onine.


At the time of writing this review, no assurance of quality or satisfaction was provided by the manufacturer. This is unfortunate and disappointing, since many similar products carry such guarantees in an effort to provide consumers confidence when trying an unfamiliar product.

Conclusion Of Our Swanson Holy Basil Review

In order to help you select a product that is right for you, independent research was conducted on Swanson Health Products Holy Basil Extract. It does not have a guarantee and that is not good. It is also priced suspiciously low.

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