DermaRestore Review

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DermaRestore Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Scars
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DermaRestore is an advanced breakthrough scar treatment options that is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, imperfections, and scars by helping to restore the elasticity and texture of skin.  This can be beneficial because it leaves skin healthier and beautiful.


DermaRestore has limited information provided about product ingredients other than the product contains a highly concentrated blend of oils, vitamins, nutrients and clinically tested herbal extracts.  The real question remains as to what do these blends actually do?  Are they necessary?  Do they actually increase the effectiveness of the product?


DermaRestore states to gently massage a nickel sized amount  over the desired area using a circular motion until absorbed.  Allow for area to remain uncovered for 2 -3 minutes for maximum absorption. DermaRestore recommends using it once in the morning and once in the evening.  Repeat as desired not to exceed three (3) applications daily,

Side Effects

There are no possible side effects listed for this product

There are no long-term results that are listed for this product.


DermaRestore has the following price points (price not available on the product source):

  • $55.99 for a single container lon the product page
  • $23.99 for a 4oz container

This product is only available online through Amazon and other online sources.  There is a huge red flag with the pricing.  Why would this product be listed so high on the manufacturer’s product page and then be listed for almost half that on another site?  Could this be a marketing ploy to lure in potential sales? Or is this a trick to provide a way to  make a consumer believe in the effectiveness?


DermaRestore contains no refund policy or guarantee information on the product source.  There is an email option to the vendor, but no contact phone number.  The only guarantee is that of the quality of the product.  Is there no confidence in the product as to its effectiveness?  Why would a product not have a guarantee it they believe that it is indeed as effective as claimed?  Amazon does have a wonderful return policy that is easy to initiate from within your account.

Conclusion Of Our DermaRestore Review

While DermaRestore is a good product, it is not as good as they say because of pricing and guarantee.  DermaRestore lists a price on its product page that is significantly higher than the reseller’s.  Why is this?.  This can lead many consumers to wonder if the product is fairly priced on the online stores where it can be purchased or if it is just a way for them to increase sales.  The lack of any sort of return information or guarantee is also very troubling.  If this product is so great, then why does the company not back it up?

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