Windmill Health Products Raspberry Slim Review

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Windmill Health Products Raspberry Slim Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Raspberry¬†ketones have become a popular weight loss supplement ever since this ingredient was mentioned on a popular doctor’s TV show. They are a compound found in raspberries that give them their strong scent. Raspberries are known to be high in fiber which will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. The ketones are known to help suppress appetite and break down stored fat in the body to be used to increase your metabolism. The number of raspberry ketone supplements on the market can be overwhelming. This is a review of the product Raspberry Slim by Windmill Health Products. The main goal of this supplement is to help you burn fat. It also aims to boost your energy.


This product contains a few different ingredients. The main ingredient is 125mg of raspberry ketones. This ingredient stops the absorption of fat and also helps increase the rate at which the body burns existing fat stores by increasing metabolism. This ingredient also helps to suppress appetite. Raspberry Slim also contains other ingredients in its formula, though the manufacturer has not made any mentions as to why they are included. It also contains green tea leaf extract and a blend of berry extracts, such as Acai fruit, litchi fruit, blueberry fruit extract, raspberry fruit extract, and mulberry leaf extract. This product has a long list of inactive ingredients.


The daily dosage is two tablets a day. These tablets should be taken at different times rather than together, and they should be taken with a meal.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer does not mention any side effects of taking this product. It is specifically designed for adults and should be kept away from children. If you have any concerns, it is best to speak to your doctor before taking this product.


Raspberry Slim is not sold directly from the manufacturer. They do provide a tool to find a retailer near you, but they don’t provide a way to easily find online retailers. We did some research and found this product available for purchase from various retailers. You can buy a bottle containing 60 capsules for $12.49 from Amazon. Any special discounts will depend on the store where you are buying the product from.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer states that their products are manufactured in the US and are GMP certified. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information about a money-back guarantee. This is disappointing as it provides no recourse for a customer who is unhappy with their purchase.

We were not able to find many customer reviews for this product, however, the ones we did find were very mixed. One customer complained that the product made her feel nauseous and gave her bad headaches.

Our Conclusive Review About Windmill Health Products Raspberry Slim

This product seems to be an interesting combination of different weight loss ingredients which may boost each other’s effectiveness for promoting weight loss. The product is also quite cheap. However, the manufacturer has provided no information for the extra ingredients in this product to work with the raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketone products generally work well when they are pure and without additional ingredients. This product also has a long list of inactive ingredients which can potentially affect the effectiveness. The lack of a guarantee is another drawback of this product. We believe it’s good to choose a product that comes backed with a guarantee.

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