Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate Review

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Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate Review - For Bad Breath And Body Odor
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Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate is a supplement said to relieve the root cause of body odor by assisting digestion and thus, freshly cleansing the system from the inside. In this review, we shall assess the probability of this product delivering on its claims to cleanse and deodorize the body as well as examine the customer support provided by the manufacturer. We will help you decide if this product is the best solution for bad breath and body odor available on the market.


This product’s only ingredient is Chlorophyll complex, a green pigment found in plants that are known for supporting photosynthesis. This substance is a natural antioxidant and often used in body odor solutions for its ability to detoxify, cleanse, and deodorize intestines. While this ingredient is very beneficial, this formula is lacking key active ingredients found in competing products that support a total care solution. Ingredients lacking include green tea, peppermint, and probiotics; all of which support internal detoxification and long-term relief of body odor. In saying so, the lacking ingredients may suggest this product is not as effective as competing products available on the market. This formula contains no allergens such as artificial ingredients, lactose, sugar, fish, and gluten to name a few. However, there is no mention if this product was produced in a GMP certified facility, which is unfortunate as that certification gives customers peace of mind that quality processes where used.


This supplement offers 50 mg of the key active ingredient, chlorophyll, which seems to be adequate. However, the lack of supporting ingredients may prevent the efficacy of this product when compared to leading brands. As a dietary supplement, adults are to take 1 easy-to-swallow softgel up to 4 times a day with food. This product contains soy which may act as a potential allergen. It is advised that pregnant and nursing mothers are to consult a physician before use. A customer review noted that they experienced unwanted side-effects such as skin rashes as a result of use. If this occurs, discontinue use and seek medical attention.


1 bottle of Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate contains 60 softgels which, when taken according to the dosage instructions, will not last the entire month. This product can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website where it is currently on sale for $4,00. While there is no further discounts or package offers available, they are not needed as that cheap price is somewhat concerning and may imply low-quality ingredients, as well as an absence of effective quality ingredients, in the formula.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee, however, the policy is vague as to the duration that the refunds are applicable for. Although this policy does apply to opened and used bottles and, if multiple bottles where bought, they can be refunded as long as only one bottle of the selection was opened. There are too few customer reviews to attain an effective scope of customer satisfaction.

Our Conclusive Review About Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate

Botanic Choice Chlorophyll Concentrate is a supplement that has an accurately-dosed key ingredient known for relieving body odor. While chlorophyll is an effective and popular ingredient, it is usually coupled with other supportive ingredients to ensure sustainable and efficient relief of body odor. Thus, this product may not be as effective as competing brands that offer a total care solution. The price, although extremely affordable, is very cheap and may imply low-quality ingredients were used. This notion is further supported by the lack of GMP certification for the manufacturing facility. The manufacturer guarantee, although reasonable, is vague and not supported by customer testimonials of efficacy. In saying so, we do not recommend this product.

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