Dermagist Scar Fading System Review

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Dermagist Scar Fading System Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Scars
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Dermagist Scar Fading System  claims to reduce the appearance of scars that are caused by acne.  This product claims, that by continuous usage, scars will gradually vanish and disappear altogether.  This product claims to contain no Hydroquinone, which they claim is being scrutinized closely for side effects.


Dermagist Scar Fading System lists the following ingredients:

  • Collaxyl®
  • Rosa Mosqueta
  • Glycolic AcidAcai Berry
  • Niacinamide
  • Asafetida
  • Resveratrol
  • Aloe Vera

The actual benefits and purpose of these ingredients is not listed on the product page.  This is something that could prove beneficial to the consumer.  Knowing what the ingredients are for and what they treat can make a big difference in a consumer picking this product or moving on.


 Dermagist Scar Fading System recommend using the product twice a day on the affected areas for best results.  There is no other information given on the product page.

Side Effects

 Dermagist Scar Fading System reports no major side effects.  It is recommended that you consult a physician for possible skin irritations caused by allergies.

Will This Product Provide Long-Term Results?

 Dermagist Scar Fading System seems to place the responsibility for long-term results squarely on the shoulders of the consumer.


 Dermagist Scar Fading System is listed at the following price point:

  •  No Replenish and Save Plans
    • $89.99 (plus consumer pays the shipping charges as well)
    • $129.98 (plus consumer pays shipping)
  • Replenish and Save Plans — Save 35%
    • 127.98 (plus shipping and renews every 90 days until cancelled)

 Dermagist Scar Fading System seems to be a little on the expensive side when it comes to what it actually treats when compared to other scar treatment options.


With  Dermagist Scar Fading System, the consumer is covered with a 30-day return policy.  This policy offers a credit for any returned products.  It does not tell if the credit is store credit or actual money back.  This is something that needs to be clearer.  The way the policy is currently stated is very vague and misleading.  Many consumers may see this and believe that they will receive their money back.  Why would a satisfaction guarantee not be clear and simple?  Why the need for all the confusing language?

Conclusion Of Our Dermagist Scar Fading System Review

Dermagist Scar Fading System borders on the expensive side for a product that provides little to no information or other options regarding size. This same problem can be said in regards to the very misleading and vague satisfaction guarantee. This can be a real deal breaker for many consumers.

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