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Research Verified Brand and Manufacturer Review
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With so many manufacturers out there producing health supplements, the industry has become something of a minefield, to say the least. Unfortunately, the number of untrustworthy companies, with shady products operating some dodgy business practices is all too common.
For the real deal legit companies, this is not only disheartening but also a huge challenge to counter the fact that they are not part of this shady empire and prove the skeptics wrong.
Standing head and shoulders above the rest is a company that is anything but shady – RESEARCH VERIFIED. Founded several years ago, these guys are definitely at the top of their league.

Luckily, there are several things that can be monitored to help consumers understand what it means to be a reputable, consumer friendly manufacturer, providing an effective safe product with the needs of the consumer at the center of their company’s ethos.

research verifiedOne of the best business recommendations for a company is, in no doubt, – ‘word of mouth’. Businesses build and crumble on what consumers say about them, they are in fact the best critics available when it comes to assessing products or services. So, it would figure that consumer reviews are a great way to discover what other people think about the products and help us better understand whether they are effective or not.

Some of the other aspects to look out for include:

  • Taking a close look at the company’s guarantee – a strong guarantee shows absolute manufacturer’s confidence in their products’ ability to get you the results you want.
  • Quality of ingredients – quite simply put, the ingredients should be safe, pure and effective, each backed by clinical research.
  • Billing practices – make sure that the company does not partake in any auto-shipping programs or other unscrupulous billing procedures.

Check out what level of customer support they offer – when an issue arises, access to efficient and professional customer support is incredibly important.

Here, we take a look at the Top 7 reasons why your next nutritional supplement should be purchased from these true professionals – Research Verified!

Our Research Verified Review

1. Research Verified’s Confident 365-day Money Back Guarantee

Talk about confident! We were hard pushed to find any other company that offers such an incredible confident money back guarantee. Consumers have a whole year to try the products that Research Verified provides. (1) Their risk-free 100% money back guarantee has set quite a precedent in the industry with many others trying to follow suit, but failing miserably.

Research Verified confidently states that if for any reason you are not totally happy with their product, you can return all bottles (opened or unopened) for a full refund. It is almost unbelievable. But put it to the test we did and they passed, with flying colors. Consumers really have nothing to lose!

Bottom Line: This incredible guarantee speaks volumes about the company. They know that their products are going to get you the results you want. No doubts!

2. Only Top Quality, Pure, Clinically Supported Ingredients Go Into Their Formulas

If you are looking for the highest quality nutritional supplements available, look no further, this company is the real deal. The research that goes into their products is so thorough, that their high standards are breaking boundaries within the health supplement industry.

A dedicated research team at Research Verified are employed full time, whose sole purpose is to find the highest quality version of a product based on scientific data and a stringent research process.

All products contain only the highest quality ingredients based on the scientific research available, as well as, containing the proper dosage and purity.

Bottom Line: Research Verified understands the importance of formulating their products with optimal research and safety. There should be no shortcut on this. Their name says it all!

3. An Abundance of Positive Research Verified Reviews Sing it’s Praises

Word of mouth makes or breaks a business. Simple. So we went in search of what people had to say about Research Verified. We were able to identify several aspects of value for ascertaining the validity of this company:

Consumer comments and reviews – personal first-hand experiences of those customers who have bought and are using the products of Research Verified. We found many of these on their product websites, understandably.

However, the ones we were able to take really seriously were found on sites such as Amazon, which we found very impressive. (2)

Product review sites – an excellent source of information for comparing other similar products out there on the market.

Both sources brought us to the same conclusion. Research Verified are a force to be reckoned with.

Positive comments such as “Thank you so much Research Verified for helping me!“ and “I was losing hope, but thanks to Research Verified I am feeling better than ever!” (5)

Together with a host of five-star reviews on many review sites, the feedback we found is indicative of a great product that is changing lives, for the better.

Bottom Line: Look for yourself what people are saying about Research Verified. The word on the street is a positive one!

4. Research Verified’s Extensive Range of Products

research verified reviewThere are many products aimed at offloading as many bottles as quickly as possible. Manufacturers often do this using celebrity endorsements or some kind of hard sell website, even cringe-worthy ‘flashy’ names also. A quality product does not need to do this. Our advice – look for an established company that offers a range of different products. This demonstrates that they are serious about the service they provide and looking after people’s health.

Research Verified have a great range of quality products that they offer, each backed by the quality that Research Verified provides. (6)

Bottom Line: Less is more! Research Verified provides effective, scientifically researched formulas that do what they say they will, with a great variety to cater for all your health needs.

5. Excellent Customer Service

There is nothing more annoying than calling a company, for customer service, and not being able to speak to a ‘real’ person. Leaving a message, emailing your request or worse still, holding for what seems like an eternity just won’t cut it in today’s service oriented world. So, we were very happy to discover that Research Verified also feel the same as we do. Their customer representatives are not only friendly, but very informed about a range of health issues. What a refreshing change. This is great news for consumers.

According to, the future of customer service is aimed towards being more ‘human-centric’, revolving around people and consumers acknowledging the day to day reality and struggles that everyone faces. e.g. Being available 24-7 to cater for the flexibility of different working hours. (7)

Bottom Line: Good customer care, centered around the consumer, is paramount to successful customer retention and loyalty for the manufacturer.

6. Research Verified’s Flexible Pricing Structure

Different conditions require different levels and styles of treatment. Some require long-term help whilst others require something more immediate. So, for some individuals, buying just one bottle is great whilst for others, long term treatment and benefits may require them to purchase multiple bottles.

The key? A flexible pricing structure.

Again, Research Verified are one step ahead of us on this offering some great options for consumers that are able to tailor their purchasing packages towards their own specific needs and requirements. Plus, they can also cash in on some real savings should they be looking for something more long term.

Bottom Line: With Research Verified you are able to personalize your purchasing package to suit your individual needs, allowing consumers to feel in control and happy that they are receiving good value for money.

7. Certified and Approved Research Verified

When we eat out (or even prepare food at home), hygiene, food standards and preparation conditions are important and fundamental in how we enjoy our food experience. Most people’s standards are incredibly high, not surprising when the FDA estimates that there are approximately 48 million cases of food poisoning per year, resulting in 3,000 deaths. (8) Shocking!

So, it would figure, when taking any nutritional health supplements, that the same high standards are upheld.

There are excellent turn-to organizations that hold high standards are of course the FDA and the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). (9,10)

Specific guidelines and regulations are in place to ensure that supplement manufacturers not only comply with the law, but uphold certain safety procedures and that products are regulated and safe to use.

Research Verified is certified both. Like we said – these guys know what they are doing!

Bottom Line: Make sure that when you choose a supplement, they follow the guidelines as set out by the FDA. This is the basic prerequisite for ensuring quality and high standards. After all, your health is important, why take chances.

Need We Say More:

We love to scrutinize and analyze, picking apart products and companies so that you, the consumer can see what you are buying. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees and you want to make sure that your hard earnt money is being spent wisely.

And it goes without saying that you need to understand that what you are taking is safe, effective and priced well.

Thankfully, there are some criteria that allows us to better understand what can be considered as a good supplement.

Research Verified was created to meet the needs of consumers wanting the highest quality product at a reasonable price with the research and science to back it up. We think that they have done quite a good job living up to their mission statement – “to manufacture the highest quality nutritional supplements available on the market”.

They are far from shady – just check out the Research Verified reviews, don’t just take our word for it. In fact, we would define them as the complete opposite. They are a reputable, respectable, transparent professional organization making a huge difference to many people’s lives – for the better!


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