Windmill RxPremium Prostate Health Review

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Windmill RxPremium Prostate Health Review - For Increased Prostate Support
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RxPremium Prostate Health Formula is one of the most reliable dietary supplements in the market today for maintaining prostate health. Unlike many other similar supplements in the market, this particular product manages to get its composition of ingredients almost close to perfect. Although the official website of the product does not give in detail exactly all the benefits that this supplement claims to provide, in general it is considered to be an excellent dietary supplement for prostate treatment medication, urinary function as well as overall prostate health.

The supplement is manufactured by Windmill Health Products which are a leading brand in America for dietary supplements. All their products as well as methodology are FDA approved which automatically means that the products are clinically tested to be effective and have gone through strict quality measures before hitting the market.


This supplement comprises of a number of popular and quite strong ingredients which target different areas of prostrate health. While some ingredients are meant to maintain levels of testosterone, others are meant for controlling the size of the prostate gland or maintaining general health of prostate. Most of the ingredients are herbal have also been clinically proven to be effective in maintaining prostate health. Here is a look at their specific uses:

  • Beta Sitosterol – The most important herbal ingredient used in all good prostate supplements which is responsible for controlling enlargement of inflammation of the prostate.
  • Saw Palmetto – Another clinically tested herbal ingredient which maintains levels of testosterone in the body.
  • Pygeum Bark – This ingredient has been proven to be particularly useful for fighting off prostate cancer symptoms.
  • Lycopene – A tomato extract which prevents free-radical damage caused due to certain enzymes.
  • Vitamine E and Selenium – Both are essential for maintaining the health of prostate and also act as anti-oxidants.


The label on the bottle prescribes a dosage of 2 pills a day. However, on the official webpage of the product, a dosage of 12 tablets a day is recommended.

Side Effects

This supplement is a completely herbal product with no hidden ingredients. All the ingredients are safe, FDA approved and have no side effects.

Long Term Results

If this supplement is taken regularly according to the recommended dosage, it will certainly have long term effects in terms of enhancing the prostate functioning, relieving consumers of urinary problems and making sure that they wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on chemical prostate treatment medication.


The price of one bottle of this supplement costs a mere $9.99 and contains 60 tablets which sounds unbelievably cheap. The catch here is that the recommended dosage is 12 tablets a day so one bottle would last only 5 days. With this estimate, the monthly cost of this supplement would come close to $60 which is slightly expensive than other similar supplements but would still be worth the price if it works for you.


Manufacturer’s guarantee is not mentioned anywhere either on the label or on the website. It seems like no guarantee is provided for this product but you can contact the company to verify.

Our Conclusive Review Of Windmill RxPremium Prostate Health

RxPremium Prostate Health Formula packs a decent composition with some very strong herbal products. Also considering the fact that it is manufactured by an established brand, it is sure to be effective. The best part is that since a single tablet is pretty mild, you can regulate the dosage according to the severity of your prostate problem.

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