Zuma Labs Chloromint Review

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Zuma Labs Chloromint Review - For Bad Breath & Body Odor
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We review Zumalabs Chloromint as a dietary supplement which targets body odor and bad breath by detoxing the body from the inside out. The manufacturer prides itself on producing a formulation which utilizes the purifying properties of Chlorophyllin, which is an all-natural ingredient which lessens the chances of the bacteria returning to the body.


The manufacturer does not list the ingredients on their website, only mentions Chloromint.
To supply a multi-action relief (fight, balance and prevent) clinically proven ingredients should be part of the formula, these ingredients are, Chlorophyllin-copper, Green Tea Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract, Peppermint Oil, and Fennel.


The manufacturer does not provide the recommended dosage on their website. However, a bottle contains 60-capsules.
The manufacturer blatantly states on their website the best way to treat body odor would be to use Zuma Labs Chloromint in conjunction with Zinc PCA, which is a purifying soap that should be used every day.


This product may be bought online directly through the manufacturer’s website for $18.95 for 60 capsules. The manufacturer offers free shipping for orders over $50
The manufacturer does offer specials.

Possible Side Effects

We are not able to find any side effects on the manufacturer’s website.  However, if this product does contain chlorophyllin, ingesting too much could cause side effects such as swelling in the face, lips, or mouth and difficulty breathing. As well as, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Guarantee & Feedback

The customer is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee which excludes any handling and shipping charges on the returned goods. To our dismay, the manufacturer states that should a customer return a product, they are prohibited from ordering that exact product or products of the same nature in the future.

Our Conclusive Review About Zuma Labs Chloromint

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness and safety of this product as there is hardly any information about this supplement on the manufacturer’s website, and unfortunately, can we gain no information about this product from other sources. The consumer will not be provided with very important information when purchasing this product such as ingredients,  dosage, or side effects. Consumers purchasing this product might be taking a risk as the manufacturer’s guarantee states that if a product is returned, the consumer will be prohibited from purchasing the same product in the future. There are very view reviews about this product. It might seem that because of the lack of very important information and no consideration towards the purchaser, consumers are refraining from using a supplement such as this.

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