Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support Review

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Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support Review - For Increased Digestive Support And IBS
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The subject of this review is a product called Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support, manufactured by Schiff. This product aims to promote long-term digestive and immune health, if used continually. With this, it also claims to defend against occasional gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhea. The product also contains a very unique, patented probiotic. Keep on reading to see what Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support can offer you as an effective Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) supplement.


This product contains a very unique probiotic called Bacillus coagulans. Furthermore, it also contains protease, amylase, and lipase. These digestive enzymes help with the digestive process. However, even though it contains these enzymes, the product does not contain soothing ingredients to help with intestinal pain from IBS. The product also lacks the presence of BioPerine. This would help increase absorption. Without these aspects mentioned above, the product might be less effective.


The manufacturer suggests that one Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support capsule be taken daily with a meal. Two capsules may be taken daily, depending on the individual’s needs. Do not exceed 3 capsules per day or in any 24-hour period. The manufacturer states that children who are 8 years and older may use this product. One capsule must be taken and opened, and the content must be mixed into food or drink. The manufacturer states that it may take 7 to 14 days for the product to start working. One must ensure that the product is used consistently and on a daily base for it to work and keep on working.


Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website and it can also be purchased from Amazon. The manufacturer sells the product for $19.49, whilst the re-sellers on Amazon star the price at $16.36. No discount or bulk package is provided by the manufacturer.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, it comes with a 15% restocking fee for items that have been returned voluntarily and which have been opened or used. This is not a strong guarantee and customers would be better off searching for a product whose manufacturer offers a solid guarantee with no risk involved.

There are no reviews on the manufacturer’s website, even though there is space for customers to type reviews. Although, customer reviews found on Amazon seem to present mixed feelings about the product.

Our Conclusive Review About Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support

There are a few things that we like about Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support. The product contains digestive enzymes that help with the digestive process and it comes in easy to swallow capsules.

Nonetheless, we also found a few things that we did not like about the product. Firstly, it does not contain BioPerine for increased absorption. Furthermore, it does not contain ingredients that help soothe the intestinal tract. Secondly, the manufacturer does not offer discounts. Lastly, the return policy offered by the manufacturer is not very strong. The customer reviews support our belief that the product may not be as effective in comparison with other IBS supplements. We do not recommend Schiff Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support.

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